An Electrical Team
Like No Other.

Delta Electric & Automation Inc. is your 24/7 electrical team in the National Capital Region & Surrounding Area.

We blend detail-oriented excellence and innovative solutions to deliver you quality service with a positive charge! Our team of skilled electricians navigate the continuously innovating electrical domain with resilience and gusto to stay ahead of the curb in technology. With competitive pricing and transparent communication, we provide an electric experience beyond the ordinary.

Electrician cutting an electrical cable

Qualities that
represent us

Delta Electric prides itself in cultivating the most formidable electrical team in the region, bringing on talent at all levels of experience and with complementary capabilities. As a unit, our radiant talent illuminates even the darkest crevices of the city.

Electrician working on an electrical panel

A glimpse
into our past.

Delta Electric & Automation Inc. grew from the spark between two talented tradesmen. Founders Eric & Zachari made their partnership a reality in 2019, when they recognized the gap in truly good contractors when demand was on the rise. Delta Electric continuously strives to help fill this gap by providing solutions that meet the needs of the people today in service of a sustainable tomorrow. With a shared vision to service the region with industry leading electrical work at a gold standard, this electric duo was positively destined from the start!

What our clients
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